The Story Behind

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The education system faces the same problem each year and it continues to get worse. Students graduate from high school with no direction and no real-world skills. Many students will make commitments to different colleges and universities. Others will attend trade schools, vocational schools, or serve in the United States Armed Forces. The rest will continue to work full and part time jobs.

The problem is that majority of high school students remain uncertain on a career to choose while attending school. Many students will enter college undecided thinking the infamous quote, "that's what college is for," to help me figure out what to pursue. Most college majors are based off a students emotion rather than factual experiences. No high school student is ready to make an estimated $100,000 investment around the age of 18 years old. The student has no experience or knowledge of the day to day activities involving the desired academic major. This lack of knowledge and experience can misguide students, resulting in switched academic majors half way through college, leading to a financial loss for parents.

For the first time ever, high school students can now experience different career paths before investing in college. NextStep Planning & Education makes selecting a career after high school affordable and less stressful. Students will have the opportunity to select a desired profession and participate in a mentorship with a qualified candidate from businesses all around the area. 

At NextStep Planning & Education we want to help you find a career that fits your personality, strengths, and ambitions. Most importantly, we want you to find the career that you will enjoy and be content with until retirement. We welcome you to take the next step after high school with confidence and hands on experience. Leading students to pursue the career at a higher education level without regret.