The Vision

NextStep Planning & Education provides hands-on experience for students wanting to learn the day-to-day responsibilities and functions for various career occupations. Students will have the opportunity to select a desired career concentration and enroll in a shadowing program offering different dates/times at available employers. At NextStep, we only partner with distinguished, licensed and certified employers all around the region. After attending a NextStep Planning & Education program, students will be more versed and confident in pursuing a career at a higher education level.

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Christopher Gruber

NextStep Planning & Education was founded on January 9th, 2018 in Galloway, New Jersey. After attending Atlantic Cape Community College as an undecided major for a year, Chris decided to go down a different career path and enroll into Pennco Tech technical school. He received his electrician certifications for residential and commercial wiring. After working in the industry, Chris decided to go back to school full time and to successfully complete the rest of his credits to receive an Associate's Degree in Business Administration.

A lot of time was spent in the education system along with financial debt. Before entering into a bachelor's program, Chris wanted to come up with a new experience for high school students to try out different careers, without accumulating significant debt. After dedicating his time and effort into developing a way to solve the educational problem, the establishment of NextStep Planning & Education was created. This new unique service is dedicated to helping students get insight and hands on experience needed for a desired career.

Chief Public Relations Officer

Chief Public Relations Officer

Lexie Mayewski

A construction manager by day and your go-to resume and college advisor by night! And always fueled by Starbucks.

Lexie graduated from The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC in 2016 with her Bachelor of Civil Engineering. During her time as an undergraduate, she was a Resident Assistant, the Lead Tour Guide for the Office of Admission on campus, and even working in the Office of the President. Additionally, Lexie was involved in her sorority, and a professional organization for civil engineers.

She cultivated many relationships with professionals in Higher Education and beyond. She interfaced with prospective students and their families, admissions counselors, alumni of the university, the president of the university, and of course, her fellow peers. Lexie’s leadership skills led her to be awarded two distinctive honors by the end of her college career: The Dean’s Service Award for the School of Engineering and the Martha Comiskey Memorial Award, both awarded to students who showcase exceptional leadership skills and service to the university.

Lexie has helped many people on their academic and professional journeys. As an RA, she was in charge of overseeing 80+ peers and mentored them through their successes and failures. Through her experiences, she became an expert at understanding the college admission process and upon graduating, an expert at understanding what companies look for when they are recruiting.

Lexie is thrilled to be joining NextStep Planning & Education and offering her expertise to help take the “scary” out of college and career planning!