Our Vision

NextStep Planning & Education provides hands-on experience for students wanting to learn the day-to-day responsibilities and functions for various career occupations. Students will have the opportunity to select a desired career concentration and enroll in a shadowing program offering different dates/times at available employers. At NextStep, we only partner with distinguished, licensed and certified employers all around the region. After attending a NextStep Planning & Education program, students will be more versed and confident in pursuing a career at a higher education level.


1.  Find a career that fits you

Planning your career is an important step in personal development. NextStep helps facilitate this seemingly daunting process by helping individuals focus in on their strengths and interests. Many high school junior and senior students have difficulties deciding on a career path. This process entails choosing a college, university, trade school, etc. while also choosing a field of study. This is a very intimidating stage in life due to the uncertainties that come along with this decision.


2.  Students want to experience different career fields before making a decision

According to the U.S. Department of Education, about 30% of undergraduate students enrolled in associate’s or bachelor’s degree programs changed their major within 3 years. Changing majors or entering college as undecided can cause delays in graduation due to specific class/credit requirements and a variety of other reasons. With the average cost of college in New Jersey for the 2016-2017 academic year being $15,344, this can become an expensive decision.


3.  What NextStep programs offer

A student could know his/her interest lays in mathematics, but he/she can’t decide between an architect or civil engineer. How would a student decide? They have no experience or understanding within either career field. NextStep offers students a chance to experience their desired career before investing in their post high school education.


The Challenge and Our Solution

The Challenge:

  • About 30% of undergraduate students enrolled in associate's or bachelor's degree programs changed their major within 3 years. (U.S. Department of Education)

  • An average 35% of students enter college as undecided. (Penn State University)

  • The percentage of borrowers with $50,000 in student debt tripled in the last decade. (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau)

  • Outstanding college loan balances now stand near $1.4 trillion. (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau)

The Solution:

  • Saves costs on undecided academic majors and drop-out percentages.

  • Provides hands-on experience before investing in a academic major of study.

  • Only qualified and certified business owners will be hosting the mentorships.

  • Clear understanding of career concepts and day to day operations.

  • At the end of the program, students will recognize the educational requirements, functionalities, and pose as prospect for potential employment.